Tuesday, February 28, 2012

8 months

Sweetest baby is 8 months old already!! Where oh where has the time gone?
This month Lil started pulling up to things... coffee tables, couches, stairs, mama's legs :)
Look out world, next she'll be running!

She has also decided that she LOVES food!
Among her faves:
bananas, Mum Mum wafers, blueberry puffs, tofu & rice
(anything she can feed herself)


Things I never want to forget about right now:

How soft those squishy little cheeks are when I smooch them.

The little "monster" noises she makes when she eats. mmm mmm mmmm

The laugh that uncle Tyler swears could soften evil dictators :)
It is truly the sweetest sound I've ever heard.

Lily isn't much of a snuggler.
She's way too busy exploring & finding things to climb.

But those rare sweet moments when her eyes get heavy and her head drops to my shoulder are some of my very favorite.

We finally won the good fight and have a baby that sleeps!
A little Rainbow Connection or Amazing Grace & a smooch and we can put her down without a fight :) It usually takes a few minutes of jabbering to herself and she's down for the count (12 hours at night & a 2 hour a.m. nap!)

Favorite things: peek-a-boo, standing, Milo's food bowl, bath time
Un-favorites: headbands & hats, having her face wiped
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