My List

So the list started as 25 things to do while I'm still 25. But I'm not 25... and as you can see the list is far from done. So now it's just a list. Well, not just a list. My list. Eventually I would love to do these things and add some new things along the way.


1. Take a photography class
2. Grow my hair really long It's getting there very slowly.
3. Get a tatoo
4. Climb a 14er with Tyler We did actually hike a few weeks ago... No 14er though
5. Make or buy a headboard for our bed Not yet but I LOVE this idea!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

6. Read a classic novel
7. Bake every recipe in The Flying Apron cook book I've done a few but I've got a ways to go.
8. Visit/meet Ruth CHECK! AND the Fieleke's have even met Lily :) 
9. Wear a nose ring
10. Run a 10k Working on a 5k right now. Possibly a 10k to follow?
11. Snowboard again at least once
12. Send more cards to people I love I would say I've done a far better job!
13. Help Griselda get all As & Bs next semester
14. Read a new Rob Bell book
15. Watch a great indie movie no one has ever hear of I've tried but keep ending up with really weirdo movies... any suggestions? 
16. San Diego
17. Take a bike ride downtown with my love CHECK!
18. Do a bike pub crawl CHECK!
19. Watch Trav in a band competition We got to see him in the homecomingparade.
20. Finish the last season of LOST CHECK! We're officially done :) 
21. Read the old testament Anyone know of a good book/guide to help with this?
22. Journal every day for a whole month I'm improving for sure even if I haven't made it an entire month consecutively.
23. Make a piece of art to hang in our house
24.Give up caffeine for a whole month ONot even close and now that I'm sleeping a whole 5 hours a night I don't even want this one anymore :) 
25. By this time next year I would LOVE to have replaced my current income and be baking full time! Hmm... Not exactly :) But it is my only source of income due to other circumstances :)
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