Tuesday, June 12, 2012

11 months

I'm a little short on pictures this month. 
The camera was broken for a few weeks before we got it replaced :( 
BUT not to worry. 
I've still got some good ones! 
Like this series of my little baking "helper": 

Yep, that's my baby... in an 8x8 cake pan :) 

Actually, she may be STUCK in the cake pan!

This sweet dress was an Easter gift from Peggy & Camp. 
You let me put headbands and hair clips on you for about 5 days... 
Then you get fed up again :) 

This picture is SO funny to me! 
I just love how excited you look... and you're playing with socks :) 

I had to sneak one in of big brother. 
Milo is so sweet to you. 

This book came from a consignment sale. 
Best couple bucks I've spent in awhile. 
Inside there are tons of little books with finger puppets. 
You LOVE it !

 Speaking of love. 
You developed quite a love affair with food this month.

I mean you can EAT for tiny little girl. 
You quit nursing this month too and started CHUGGING formula from your sippy cup :) 
A little part of me is so sad to let go of nursing. 
It was so special and I'm so thankful I could do it for 11 months. 
But it's awesome how easily you transitioned to the next step. 

Shoveling food into your mouth as quickly as we can get it onto your tray & then squealing for more.
You know, the next step :) 

Lily Belle, you are an absolute joy. 
You're getting so smart! 
You love to analyze things and see where they come from.
And DANCE. Oh yes, you're a girl after my own heart :) 
You're "cruising" around everywhere but you're absolutely sure you don't want to walk. 
We try to encourage it but you're quite clear that you won't have it! 
What a privilege it is to be your mama. 

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