Tuesday, June 12, 2012

11 months

I'm a little short on pictures this month. 
The camera was broken for a few weeks before we got it replaced :( 
BUT not to worry. 
I've still got some good ones! 
Like this series of my little baking "helper": 

Yep, that's my baby... in an 8x8 cake pan :) 

Actually, she may be STUCK in the cake pan!

This sweet dress was an Easter gift from Peggy & Camp. 
You let me put headbands and hair clips on you for about 5 days... 
Then you get fed up again :) 

This picture is SO funny to me! 
I just love how excited you look... and you're playing with socks :) 

I had to sneak one in of big brother. 
Milo is so sweet to you. 

This book came from a consignment sale. 
Best couple bucks I've spent in awhile. 
Inside there are tons of little books with finger puppets. 
You LOVE it !

 Speaking of love. 
You developed quite a love affair with food this month.

I mean you can EAT for tiny little girl. 
You quit nursing this month too and started CHUGGING formula from your sippy cup :) 
A little part of me is so sad to let go of nursing. 
It was so special and I'm so thankful I could do it for 11 months. 
But it's awesome how easily you transitioned to the next step. 

Shoveling food into your mouth as quickly as we can get it onto your tray & then squealing for more.
You know, the next step :) 

Lily Belle, you are an absolute joy. 
You're getting so smart! 
You love to analyze things and see where they come from.
And DANCE. Oh yes, you're a girl after my own heart :) 
You're "cruising" around everywhere but you're absolutely sure you don't want to walk. 
We try to encourage it but you're quite clear that you won't have it! 
What a privilege it is to be your mama. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 months!

Sweetest baby,

Last month we swore you'd be walking "any day now".
But I don't think so anymore. You've gotten really good at crawling and seem pretty content to get around that way :)
Don't get me wrong, you still love to stand up and walk around anything that's the right height!

You get more beautiful every single day.
I know I sound like a total mom when I said that but it's definitely true.
Your sassy too. I like that :)
It makes me nervous but I like it.

 (St Patty's Day)

You love to give "smoochies" and celebrate each time!
You also point to every single dog you see and say "DA! DA! DA!"
We think you're pretty advanced in language development ;) 

The doctor says you need to gain weight but girl, you EAT!
Some faves this month:
sweet potatoes, rice cheese, crackers, animal crackers, quinoa, yogurt and oatmeal peanut butter bars

I know you're not too small at all. You're perfect!
Don't believe me? Just ask your daddy. Or uncles. Or aunt, grandmas, grandpas. Anyone :)

(Chillin at the park with some of our best buds, Chase and Daniel)

(Enjoying some of dad's butterscotch birthday cake)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

9 months

Whoa. I'm WAY behind again... but better late than never.
That's what I always say ;)
Give it a few years, Lil, I'm sure you'll be soooo annoyed at your mom who can't get it together and get anything done on time.
Sorry in advance!
Anyway, 9 months came with TONS of new accomplishments.
Like learning how to stand up in your crib...

How to crawl for Milo's food dish at super speed!

And how to talk on a cell phone... kidding!
That's just dad's old phone but you love it :)
(I love your purple jeggings and mary jane socks. I don't care if you make fun of me some day for dressing you like this.)

We tried out the sunglasses... they looked amazing, but you weren't having it!

Last month mama started going "back to work" one day a week.
Actually I started working Saturdays at the commercial kitchen in exchange for rental space for Sugar Mama Bakeshop.
It means you get to spend all day with dad.
He loooooves his Saturdays!

I had to document your cute little bare butt.
This will hang poster sized in the living room someday ;)
There's never been a cuter booty.

Bath time is still so great. You love your water book and rubber duckies now.
We love making you wear your robe!

No one can tell what color your eyes are going to settle on.
Someday they're blue as can be... other days they're pretty brown.
Every day they are absolutely gorgeous.

You also made it to your second wedding last month. (Ben & Amy Thacker's)
You're a party girl through and through, my love.
I had to take you for a walk during the ceremony because you tried to steal the show, then you charmed your way into about half of Scott's dinner and danced with us until 10!

You are more fun every single day, sweet girl.
PS-I'm already planning your big circus birthday bash... get excited :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

8 months

Sweetest baby is 8 months old already!! Where oh where has the time gone?
This month Lil started pulling up to things... coffee tables, couches, stairs, mama's legs :)
Look out world, next she'll be running!

She has also decided that she LOVES food!
Among her faves:
bananas, Mum Mum wafers, blueberry puffs, tofu & rice
(anything she can feed herself)


Things I never want to forget about right now:

How soft those squishy little cheeks are when I smooch them.

The little "monster" noises she makes when she eats. mmm mmm mmmm

The laugh that uncle Tyler swears could soften evil dictators :)
It is truly the sweetest sound I've ever heard.

Lily isn't much of a snuggler.
She's way too busy exploring & finding things to climb.

But those rare sweet moments when her eyes get heavy and her head drops to my shoulder are some of my very favorite.

We finally won the good fight and have a baby that sleeps!
A little Rainbow Connection or Amazing Grace & a smooch and we can put her down without a fight :) It usually takes a few minutes of jabbering to herself and she's down for the count (12 hours at night & a 2 hour a.m. nap!)

Favorite things: peek-a-boo, standing, Milo's food bowl, bath time
Un-favorites: headbands & hats, having her face wiped

Friday, January 27, 2012

7 months

So I'm finally getting around to a 7 month update.

Miss Lily,

You are getting to be SO much fun!
You're developing quite a little attitude.

And the sweetest smile :)

You are most definitely mobile!
You do a funny army crawl/scootch & you roll all around.

Biggest milestone this month:
Unfortunately this one has been a long time coming,
But we finally figured out a schedule that works and life is good!

3 naps a day & you only wake up once at night (if that).

Oh. I almost forgot...
You're STANDING!!!! What!?!
I keep telling you you're not old enough, but it doesn't slow you down.
You can pull yourself up if you have a ledge to hang onto and you love to stand and play with you toys now.
So crazy!

You are amazing, my little love.
I'm loving the constant mamamamama and dadadadada babble.
Can't wait to see what the next month brings.
At this rate I'm afraid you'll be reading me books by March ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lil's Second First Christmas

We finally got to have Christmas in Missouri! Actually it was a week and a half ago but I'm finally blogging about it :) And to be honest I don't have a whole lot of Christmasy pictures. But I do have some cute travel shots of baby girl. Lookin' like a big girl sitting next to daddy on the plane.

NOT enjoying the road trip portion but finally giving in to a little nap.

Hanging out with grandpa Brad. They're already buds :)

The main event of this trip was actually Brooke's wedding. We grew up with Brooke and Shea. It was so fun to see her so so happy. Her wedding was absolutely gorgeous and perfect!

LOVE the thrifted vases and silver branches. The whole thing was beautiful.

Brooke & Wojtek looked like they were straight out of a magazine. Look how glamorous!

Here's a great shot of Lily being the boss of Uncle Trey ;)

And we caught grandma loving on Lily... even with a BRONCOS outfit on. My Grandma & Pa babysat during the reception. Lil was kind of a punk, but we still got to bust a few moves. It was such a fun night!

There we go. I'm officially done with holiday posts and can move on with my life. Thank you.
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