Thursday, January 27, 2011

Motherly Intuition

I have some. & I could not be more excited.

At least that's what I'm choosing to call it. It makes me feel a little more ready. Weird I know, but whatever.

We went to the 20 week ultrasound yesterday and...

Yep. We all thought boy (except for Trey- he always knew) and then boom. Last week I had this crazy real dream that we went to the checkup and sure enough, it was a girl. I say crazy because usually my dreams are nuts. But this one was REAL. So Hunter laughed it off to hormones and my being a bit overly obsessed with finding out the gender. Then dad had a dream about teaching a little girl to golf.


So anyway, girl she is. & beautiful already.

So maybe only Hunter and I would use "beautiful" at this point, but we're sticking to it and I'd bet a lot that no one's going to tell us different :)

We've been giddy with the excitement of knowing there's a sweet baby GIRL in there, not just an "it". In fact we've celebrated with Pinkberry twice the past 2 days. It's sad but true. The fat kid in me is loving this pregnancy thing :)

I have one more confession. Hello my name is Ashley & I'm obsessed with decorating blogs. This "nesting" deal is serious stuff! Here is my latest nursery inspiration:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas 2010: Part 3... The Smiling Moose

I know I've kind of been dragging this out... but I'm having fun playing with the pictures :) So without further ado I give you a Grimes-Greeno Christmas Mountain Extravaganza!

From Collages

We stayed in an amazing condo in Silverthorne (thanks mom & dad) called The Smiling Moose. It had an incredible view and we got to open presents by the fire, with hot chocolate, while the snowy fell outside. So perfect!

From Jan 18, 2011

The next day the Greenos joined us for cards! We played a lot of pitch and at the risk of sounding 20 years older than I am... is anyone interested in joining a card club? Because we would totally love to start one. Call me.

From Jan 18, 2011

From Jan 18, 2011

Finally I have one more nice collection of awkward family photos. These are mostly a shout out to my cousin Taylor's softball team because mom got us all matching sweatshirts... and the matching-ness apparently got us into a picture happy mood. Anyway, Go Tigers!

From Collages

And on a separate and fairly unrelated note- a picture of the fabulous fabric I bought to make a baby quilt! I'll keep you posted on my progress as it's my first quilt project ever. Definitely getting excited about this little guy/gal in here.

From Christmas 2010

And that's all she wrote. I'm on to January happenings next week. Hopefully soon I'll have updates on exciting new jobs, houses, cars, genders. So much going on!!!

Christmas 2010: Part Dos

From Collages

Ok, here is my first attempt at a picture collage!! I was getting bored with the same old blog format and I love Audrey's blog and the creative formats so with her help I dove right into Picasa... It's fun and hopefully I'll continue to improve. I'm pretty excited about it!

Anyway, this is my Christmas part dos post. This year we did Christmas Eve/ Christmas in Denver with Hunter's fam. Unfortunately we ended up with way more dog pictures than anything else... which is too bad because the people were pretty great too :) "Grandma Margie" nearly brought me to tears with her stocking full of baby Smartwool socks and Gary & Margie spoiled us all as usual! Hayley got us a fun grab bag plus a donation in our names to a nonprofit her friend is very involved with (That's the hand made card on the tree. We each got a personalized and hand drawn card to go along with the donation. Shuch a cool gift idea!)

I also thought I would throw in a fun shot of the chocolate peppermint cupcakes and the dogs posing it up. This is the last year Milo will be the center of our attention so I'll just go overboard! Christmas day was so fun and relaxing. Lots of eating, card playing and pj wearing all day long. Tyler even joined us so I got a little piece of home :) Can't wait to share pictures from Silverthorn next... and then move on to 2011 with the rest of the world.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Belated Christmas

That's right, we're about to hit the half-way through January mark and now I'll be starting my Christmas blogs. I very much enjoyed everyone else (you know on the 26th) and now I'm ready for mine :) We actually sent New Years cards this year because I didn't get Christmas cards done in time... and I just sent the last batch today. That's ok. It's how we roll.

So this year was Milo Bernard's first Christmas as a Greeno! As you can see we did him up right in amazing red PJs and a stocking full of goodies (a "de-shedding" brush and some fresh breath denta bones). I won't lie, I can't really vouch for the fresh breath yet.

Hunter & Ashley both love his present this year: new shoes!...that are exactly like his old shoes. He's happy because he LOVED the old shoes so much he wouldn't stop wearing them 6 years later. She's happy because now they don't have giant gaping holes in them. They also came with a mini pair for the babe. I can't resist baby shoes. So thankful for a husband who is so easy to please :) Hunter's stocking was stuffed with the usual: undies, candy and... Funyuns? (I give him a real hard time when he eats them smells up the car so I thought I would treat him- in the spirit of Christmas you know).

Hunter did a great job this year! I got a prenatal yoga video that I'm super excited to try out AND Hocus Pocus!! He wanted to buy it for me at Halloween but they were out... and when he went to get me Home Alone for my stocking they were out. Worked out perfectly :) ...and yes, my movie preferences have more or less stayed the exact same for 15 years. What of it? I also got a "gift card" (see the cute little hearts that were filled with notes) for a maternity clothes shopping trip. I don't quite need them yet but he wanted to help me pick put something that I feel cute in for a date night! He's so good to me :) Notice he is also aware of my tiny shoe obsession... our babies feet seem to be taken care of!

So that's part 1 of Christmas 2010. Our first/last Christmas morning with Milo as an only child. I so enjoyed the quiet breakfast and small gift exchange with Hunter but we're so excited for the adventure of adding a new Greeno to the mix next year!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Away We Go

So last night Hunter, Ashley & Milo had a much needed quiet night in :) We spent the last amazing week with my incredible family. They came out for a belated Christmas and we spent 3 of those days in Silverthorn. Hunter's family even joined us and the whole Grimes-Greeno fam partied. Such a blesssing! I have lots of pictures of that soon.

For now I just wanted to take a moment and talk about the greatness of the movie Away We Go. We snuggled up, indulged in Snickers ice cream bars, cried a little and laughed until my rapidly expanding mid section really hurt.

Did I love this movie because in a few short weeks I'll be as largely pregnant as Verona is? Yes. Did I love it because I have a pretty major crush on John Krasinski? Yes. (No worries, I'm pretty sure my husand does too). Did I love it because of Maggie Gyllenhaal's outrageous, stroller hating, seahorse loving character? Yes, probably.

It is just the sweetest thing I've watched in awhile. Bert is a sweet, funny, kind of awkward soon-to-be dad who is absolutely and steadfastly in love with his lady and ecstatic (& slightly insecure) about their quickly coming daughter. I love his character and the way he is encouraging, supportive and not ashamed to be head-over-heels for Verona in a really real way.

I'm extra emotional and mushy right now but I just wanted to share a great movie for anyone who's interested. I obviously recommend it :)

Have a happy Sunday! <3 Ash
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