Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Due dates are crap.

That's all I have to say about that. Moving on to something much more fun! In honor of miss Lily Belle's supposed arrival date I am finally sharing pictures of her room!

I'm not sure why it took me SO long to do this. I think it has to do with finishing 90% of it in a whirlwind weekend with LOTS of help and then immediately filling it up & getting paralyzed with indecision about where to fit all the "things" and precious gifts. But that's neither here nor there. The point is I DID find a place for everything and just in time for the girl's due date... which she has decided she doesn't agree with.

I love how it all turned out and I can't wait to have baby Lily actually living there! The cool rocking chair is the same one Hunter was rocked in when he was a baby. So sweet!

I wish I would have taken a lot more before pictures because there was some serious DIYing goin on that weekend! Jana brought the dresser and it was in pretty bad shape but add a little grey paint, pink knobs and chalkboard spray paint- you've got yourself a VERY cute little dresser. The black side table with the lamp is another hidden gem. It was just chillin in our living room because I bought it last year for $10 at a flea market with great expectations... and then it kept chillin in our living room because I ran out of inspiration/ got craft ADD. Good thing Shea & Brooke had plenty of inspiration and sample paints. It looks perfect :)

The crib was a blessing from a friend of a friend and didn't need much of a makeover, but it looks perfect and complete with a little banner from Grandma Kandy (GiGi?).

And now I'll leave you with some cloth diaper shots. I love them & I'm dying for some little baby buns to wrap up in these bad boys! I've already washed them all and even packed a few in the diaper bag. So bring it on Lily. Mama is ready!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some thoughts on nesting...

I'll be honest. When I imagined myself pregnant, I always thought about the whole "nesting" thing and how it would be really great to have this big hormonal drive to clean everything. I never really have a drive to clean everything and usually have to give myself big pep talks to tackle simple tasks like cleaning the bathroom and ironing (my husband wishes to so badly I would iron for him... poor guy).

All this to say, I have not experienced this side of the nesting syndrome. At all. What do I do when my body is GIANT and overflowing with all kinds of crazy hormones? Craft of course. Because obviously these tie onesies needed to be made. I'm not the only one who sees that right?

Baby girl stuff is super fun and really cute, but when I saw these tie onesies I fell in love! So I spend a couple days off washing onesies, picking out sweet fabric at The Fancy Tiger and hand stitching these little babies together (I figured out half way in that they are way too small for the machine). In short, I crafted for hours while my "nest" collected dust, dishes and laundry.

Thanks for all your help hormones!

Luckily I needed gifts for some friends at church who are all also having babies this summer. 2 are boys but one doesn't know yet... Thus the gender neutral bird :) (I may or may not have loved the bird one and made an extra for Lily).

She also ended up with this little number. I've been needing to practice my ruffle-making skills for awhile now anyway. I'm sorry, did you not think that sentence was an appropriate use of the word NEED? It's ok, your not alone because I guarantee Hunter just rolled his eyes if he read that :) However, I do believe that there is at least one person who will read this and understand what I mean. Ruffles are really great and I think that as an almost mama to a precious baby girl, it is my duty to know how to make ruffles.

Not bad huh? I think it may be time to wrap up this little ramble. It just so happens to be 4:45 am and I think I'll probably be embarrassed about sharing this post after I've gotten a little more sleep. But between 4 trips to the bathroom, a snoring pug and some real, live contractions (!) I figured I was better off editing pictures of onsie crafts than trying to get anymore sleep. I should mention that my onesie crafting addiction was greatly enabled and actually inspired by a good friend, Alyssa, who sells her beautiful creations in an Etsy shop called Home Sweet Denver & Mollie also just made some really really cute creations that fed my obsession :) I'm not sure how, but I lost the picture of the cute one I made with Alyssa a couple weeks ago. Maybe I'll wait and share when I have a little model for it!

I believe it's time I head back to bed. I've blogged long enough to make myself too tired to think nervous/ anxious thoughts (another large factor in why I'm up... since we're being really honest here). Maybe next time I post I'll have baby pictures and normal sized feet! A girl can hope right?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello again.

Well, my goodness. It's almost been a whole month since my last post... oops. There is a lot to share too!
I've been spoiled with lovely baby showers and amazing friends and family.

They have been so sweet and Hunter & I are feeling overwhelmed by love and support. Miss Lily is so so loved already. What a lucky little girl.

I also had a sweet sweet mothers day. Wonderful Hunter made me a homemade "almost a mom" card :) and took me to Breakfast on Broadway, which was delicious AND has gluten free pancakes! He also go me a prenatal massage from a cute place called Belly Bliss. I'm cashing in tomorrow and I can't wait!!

I'm having some crazy emotions in these last few days... I'm definitely scared/nervous but I'm also SO ready to hold my baby girl and see her beautiful little face. Sometimes I'm really anxious and worry about lame things but lots of the time I'm filled with an amazing peace that God is incredible and good and perfectly in control. It's unreal how comforting it is to just sit and remember that I don't have to figure it all out. I just have to give it to Him.

I'll leave you with a shot of proud papa installing the car seat... I should say attempting to install, but he'll get it next time ;) I'm off to wash and fold tiny dresses, listen to some more Avett Brothers, pack a hospital bag and write some thank you cards. 13 days is short folks. Especially when you can't bend over or hardly breathe for that matter. June 14th can't get here quick enough :)
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