Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday was another lovely day off. I'll spare you the long details this week but check out the awesome pictures over at Blaze's sweet blog . She says it much more beautifully than I could!

Today wasn't so bad either. I got to start off the day with baby Canon and his mama Julie...always a good time! Then off to the Rockies game with Hunter and my mentee, Griselda.

She is such a fun girl!

Hunter and I came home and had Sangria and chips & salsa on the deck. AMAZING!

I did get made fun of for taking this picture but I just couldn't let a snack this beautiful and summery vanish w/o a photo :) Ok lame. Whatever.

My boys look pooped. I guess I better go tuck them in!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lamps: Before & After



And the best part? Each lamp came to a grand total of

...drum roll please...

$9.50 Woo! DIY lamps are the greatest project of all :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Sabbath

I woke up with quite a to do list today. Ah, but alas, the sun was shining & the birds were singing... and I made the tough decision to let the ever important list simmer on the proverbial back burner for another 24 hours.

So I stayed in bed a little longer snuggling with my men (and by men I mean 1 man 1 dog).

I made oatmeal with fresh berries and sipped coffee on the deck while I read Psalms and meditated in the crisp, still Colorado morning. I cleaned my kitchen, watered the plants and even put in a load of laundry. How's the for productive?

Hunter and I took Milo on a walk down a new trail. One hand was safely tucked in his and the other clutched the camera. He listened patiently as I declared that "I simply MUST become a better photographer" (as if our lives depended on it) and supported me by pointing out photo-worthy beauties along the way. I just love that man <3

I found the perfect vintage tablecloth to cover my lamp shades for $3 at my favorite thrift store!

I also found the sweetest vintage note card sets you've ever seen. To be honest I probably need more cute notecards like I need another snowstorm in May... I'm thinking about putting them in my Etsy shop if I can get a picture that does them justice (see above in regards to picture taking ability).

I think I'll wrap up this ramble and do some crafting while I listen to Avett Brothers Pandora radio. Let the to dos simmer (fine they're a rolling boil by now) I'm basking in God's glory and delicious vitamin D... I was long overdue for a good Sabbath.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday Thoughts

I mean, really? How cute is this dog?! I LOVE these pictures and I think they might be the first framed Milo pictures to find a place in our home. I like them in black & white but I wish I could figure out how to keep the ball it's original red. He loves that thing! Anyway, just thought I would share.

Also, I'm pretty in love with this frosting color I whipped up last night. Hunter made fun of me for my cupcake photo shoot, but I don't mind. We all know how much I love cupcakes and you can't just let a color like that go undocumented.

<3 Ash

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanted to take a minute to give a mother's day shout out. I am so very thankful for ALL the amazing moms I know.

Thanks for encouraging me in EVERYTHING mom and for teaching me the art and importance of crafting :) It's starting to be a regular occurance that I stop what I'm doing and think- "Wow. That sounds exactly like Kandy." Ha! I really am becoming my mother... but I'm excited about it!

Jana, thanks for being my "other mother"! I love you so much and can't imagine growing up w/o you and the girls... Plus craft nights would have been WAY less fun w/o you :) I'm so thankful for you.

I have also been blessed with the best mother in law of all! Thanks for EVERYTHING Margie. I honestly never imagined that in laws would be so so amazing, loving, encouraging and accepting.

There are so many other moms that I'm inspired by too. Just wanted to let you all know how great you are. You are amazing! Thank you.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pretty things...

That inspire me today :)

Why can't I work from home?

Why can't I just work from home, make my own schedule, make my same paycheck of course, and have TIME to work on my quickly growing, LONG list of projects? Anyone hiring for that position? Please contact me ASAP- I am highly motivated!

Now that I got that out of my system... I've been dreaming of a bedroom makeover- a green{o} bedroom makeover of course :) I'm thinking cheap-o and literally green aka Woodlawn Charm that I intend to steal directly from Mabel's House! So pretty... and since I'm not painting ANY walls until we own a home. Seriously. I promised. Anyway since I'm not doing that I intend to transform the dresser so get excited for those before/after pics!

I just need to find/make some time to work on this lovely project, as well as the other 1200 projects that are waiting in line (Trey I swear you'll have a snuggie before next winter). To be fair I am quite thankful for a stable job and the ability to support my husband as he makes his dream a reality.

Besides, who needs sleep?
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