Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why can't I work from home?

Why can't I just work from home, make my own schedule, make my same paycheck of course, and have TIME to work on my quickly growing, LONG list of projects? Anyone hiring for that position? Please contact me ASAP- I am highly motivated!

Now that I got that out of my system... I've been dreaming of a bedroom makeover- a green{o} bedroom makeover of course :) I'm thinking cheap-o and literally green aka Woodlawn Charm that I intend to steal directly from Mabel's House! So pretty... and since I'm not painting ANY walls until we own a home. Seriously. I promised. Anyway since I'm not doing that I intend to transform the dresser so get excited for those before/after pics!

I just need to find/make some time to work on this lovely project, as well as the other 1200 projects that are waiting in line (Trey I swear you'll have a snuggie before next winter). To be fair I am quite thankful for a stable job and the ability to support my husband as he makes his dream a reality.

Besides, who needs sleep?


  1. You are funny sis! I can't wait to see your project!! LOve you and miss you terribly.

  2. Love you too mom!! I'll see you SOON :)

    Ash you CAN work from home:) I do it every day! Luv ya and if you need me you know the #.

  4. Oh yea~ IM still waiting for the finished product your Mom gave me a piece of to show her effort.....from oh somewhere in the early 80's for Christmas.ROFL! Trey ~ dont hold your breath!


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