Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday Thoughts

I mean, really? How cute is this dog?! I LOVE these pictures and I think they might be the first framed Milo pictures to find a place in our home. I like them in black & white but I wish I could figure out how to keep the ball it's original red. He loves that thing! Anyway, just thought I would share.

Also, I'm pretty in love with this frosting color I whipped up last night. Hunter made fun of me for my cupcake photo shoot, but I don't mind. We all know how much I love cupcakes and you can't just let a color like that go undocumented.

<3 Ash


  1. Ashley,

    Milo is too cute!

    The fun part of blogging is to document anything that is of interest to you.

    Yay for cupcakes :)

  2. love the cupcake color! I like the new blog color scheme too!

  3. Ash email the Milo pic and Ill send it back with a red ball :) Hunter ~ enjoy a cupcake:) Luv ya both:) S

  4. LOVED my cards I got in the mail, I'm so excited to start using them! Thank you thank you also for hosting Monday night, it was absolutely perfect.

  5. Hey girl! I hope you are having fun in Kansas! We are missing you and Hunter!
    I just wanted to let you know I changed my blog to after accidentally deleting my old one. :( Can't wait for you guys to come back and Milo and Gracie can go on a date!


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