Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello again.

Well, my goodness. It's almost been a whole month since my last post... oops. There is a lot to share too!
I've been spoiled with lovely baby showers and amazing friends and family.

They have been so sweet and Hunter & I are feeling overwhelmed by love and support. Miss Lily is so so loved already. What a lucky little girl.

I also had a sweet sweet mothers day. Wonderful Hunter made me a homemade "almost a mom" card :) and took me to Breakfast on Broadway, which was delicious AND has gluten free pancakes! He also go me a prenatal massage from a cute place called Belly Bliss. I'm cashing in tomorrow and I can't wait!!

I'm having some crazy emotions in these last few days... I'm definitely scared/nervous but I'm also SO ready to hold my baby girl and see her beautiful little face. Sometimes I'm really anxious and worry about lame things but lots of the time I'm filled with an amazing peace that God is incredible and good and perfectly in control. It's unreal how comforting it is to just sit and remember that I don't have to figure it all out. I just have to give it to Him.

I'll leave you with a shot of proud papa installing the car seat... I should say attempting to install, but he'll get it next time ;) I'm off to wash and fold tiny dresses, listen to some more Avett Brothers, pack a hospital bag and write some thank you cards. 13 days is short folks. Especially when you can't bend over or hardly breathe for that matter. June 14th can't get here quick enough :)

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  1. So exciting ash! I still want to see some nursery pics!


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