Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas 2010: Part Dos

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Ok, here is my first attempt at a picture collage!! I was getting bored with the same old blog format and I love Audrey's blog and the creative formats so with her help I dove right into Picasa... It's fun and hopefully I'll continue to improve. I'm pretty excited about it!

Anyway, this is my Christmas part dos post. This year we did Christmas Eve/ Christmas in Denver with Hunter's fam. Unfortunately we ended up with way more dog pictures than anything else... which is too bad because the people were pretty great too :) "Grandma Margie" nearly brought me to tears with her stocking full of baby Smartwool socks and Gary & Margie spoiled us all as usual! Hayley got us a fun grab bag plus a donation in our names to a nonprofit her friend is very involved with (That's the hand made card on the tree. We each got a personalized and hand drawn card to go along with the donation. Shuch a cool gift idea!)

I also thought I would throw in a fun shot of the chocolate peppermint cupcakes and the dogs posing it up. This is the last year Milo will be the center of our attention so I'll just go overboard! Christmas day was so fun and relaxing. Lots of eating, card playing and pj wearing all day long. Tyler even joined us so I got a little piece of home :) Can't wait to share pictures from Silverthorn next... and then move on to 2011 with the rest of the world.
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  1. do you love it?! once you get more familiar with it you'll love it more. seriously, email me and i'll give you the rundown of exactly what i do! your post looks fabulous though!

    soon, the only pictures you'll be taking are of the little fetus (i still call george a fetus even though he's six months old)!

    and your cupcakes look magical. seriously, i'm so mad that you don't live in town. my whole freakin' family is gluten-free now. i'm not even kidding!


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