Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Belated Christmas

That's right, we're about to hit the half-way through January mark and now I'll be starting my Christmas blogs. I very much enjoyed everyone else (you know on the 26th) and now I'm ready for mine :) We actually sent New Years cards this year because I didn't get Christmas cards done in time... and I just sent the last batch today. That's ok. It's how we roll.

So this year was Milo Bernard's first Christmas as a Greeno! As you can see we did him up right in amazing red PJs and a stocking full of goodies (a "de-shedding" brush and some fresh breath denta bones). I won't lie, I can't really vouch for the fresh breath yet.

Hunter & Ashley both love his present this year: new shoes!...that are exactly like his old shoes. He's happy because he LOVED the old shoes so much he wouldn't stop wearing them 6 years later. She's happy because now they don't have giant gaping holes in them. They also came with a mini pair for the babe. I can't resist baby shoes. So thankful for a husband who is so easy to please :) Hunter's stocking was stuffed with the usual: undies, candy and... Funyuns? (I give him a real hard time when he eats them smells up the car so I thought I would treat him- in the spirit of Christmas you know).

Hunter did a great job this year! I got a prenatal yoga video that I'm super excited to try out AND Hocus Pocus!! He wanted to buy it for me at Halloween but they were out... and when he went to get me Home Alone for my stocking they were out. Worked out perfectly :) ...and yes, my movie preferences have more or less stayed the exact same for 15 years. What of it? I also got a "gift card" (see the cute little hearts that were filled with notes) for a maternity clothes shopping trip. I don't quite need them yet but he wanted to help me pick put something that I feel cute in for a date night! He's so good to me :) Notice he is also aware of my tiny shoe obsession... our babies feet seem to be taken care of!

So that's part 1 of Christmas 2010. Our first/last Christmas morning with Milo as an only child. I so enjoyed the quiet breakfast and small gift exchange with Hunter but we're so excited for the adventure of adding a new Greeno to the mix next year!


  1. that outfit is nasty and hilarious! i love hi name too...our dog has a middle name too. hank williams. ha! merry christmas!!

  2. Ha ha yeah they are awful but they crack me up! He only had to wear them for pictures because he hated them so much!

  3. Merrry Christmas, Happy 6 months Lily Belle, Happy New Year...What a cutie and nice hair and eylashes to die for. heehjee mwah! Love me.


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