Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lil's Second First Christmas

We finally got to have Christmas in Missouri! Actually it was a week and a half ago but I'm finally blogging about it :) And to be honest I don't have a whole lot of Christmasy pictures. But I do have some cute travel shots of baby girl. Lookin' like a big girl sitting next to daddy on the plane.

NOT enjoying the road trip portion but finally giving in to a little nap.

Hanging out with grandpa Brad. They're already buds :)

The main event of this trip was actually Brooke's wedding. We grew up with Brooke and Shea. It was so fun to see her so so happy. Her wedding was absolutely gorgeous and perfect!

LOVE the thrifted vases and silver branches. The whole thing was beautiful.

Brooke & Wojtek looked like they were straight out of a magazine. Look how glamorous!

Here's a great shot of Lily being the boss of Uncle Trey ;)

And we caught grandma loving on Lily... even with a BRONCOS outfit on. My Grandma & Pa babysat during the reception. Lil was kind of a punk, but we still got to bust a few moves. It was such a fun night!

There we go. I'm officially done with holiday posts and can move on with my life. Thank you.


  1. Love the tights, love the tights. And did I mention the tights? Love them!

  2. It's never too late to post past events. All us mamas know that time ticks a bit differently for those of us with little ones.


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