Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lil's First Christmas

Christmas 2011 has been an interesting one... and a practice in patience. Brooke's wedding is Jan 7 so we don't get to go home until tomorrow. Hayley's gone so we won't do Christmas with Hunter's fam until we get back. But we did have our own sweet little restful Christmas.

(I know it's probably mean... but what a cute picture :)

(I call this one "Christmas Feast". This baby LOVES her peas and carrots!)

(Loving her new toy from grandma & grandpa Greeno)

(Patiently waiting for dad to assemble his first Christmas toy.)

(Apparently she wishes she got doggie breath mints instead? :) Milo's loving his too!)

(Hunter's gift from me. Also notice my most recent Goodwill treasure... the $4 headboard!! Crazy right? Can't wait to paint it!)

I don't have a picture of my gift because Hunter is taking me out for a night on the town... An all-nighter downtown actually! Our first night w/o a baby since June 26th!!


  1. so sweet! and holla for a 4 dollar headboard! xo

  2. You guys make me happy! I hope you are enjoying the New Year! Love you guys a lot!!


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