Wednesday, April 11, 2012

9 months

Whoa. I'm WAY behind again... but better late than never.
That's what I always say ;)
Give it a few years, Lil, I'm sure you'll be soooo annoyed at your mom who can't get it together and get anything done on time.
Sorry in advance!
Anyway, 9 months came with TONS of new accomplishments.
Like learning how to stand up in your crib...

How to crawl for Milo's food dish at super speed!

And how to talk on a cell phone... kidding!
That's just dad's old phone but you love it :)
(I love your purple jeggings and mary jane socks. I don't care if you make fun of me some day for dressing you like this.)

We tried out the sunglasses... they looked amazing, but you weren't having it!

Last month mama started going "back to work" one day a week.
Actually I started working Saturdays at the commercial kitchen in exchange for rental space for Sugar Mama Bakeshop.
It means you get to spend all day with dad.
He loooooves his Saturdays!

I had to document your cute little bare butt.
This will hang poster sized in the living room someday ;)
There's never been a cuter booty.

Bath time is still so great. You love your water book and rubber duckies now.
We love making you wear your robe!

No one can tell what color your eyes are going to settle on.
Someday they're blue as can be... other days they're pretty brown.
Every day they are absolutely gorgeous.

You also made it to your second wedding last month. (Ben & Amy Thacker's)
You're a party girl through and through, my love.
I had to take you for a walk during the ceremony because you tried to steal the show, then you charmed your way into about half of Scott's dinner and danced with us until 10!

You are more fun every single day, sweet girl.
PS-I'm already planning your big circus birthday bash... get excited :)

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