Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Denver O' Denver

Yesterday was a fun day that I am so grateful for. I also got to check off my first list item :) Hunter and I have been talking about a bike date since we moved into an apartment that sits right on the Cherry Creek trail. We originally planned to bring Milo, but that's a story for a different day...

Anyway, it was a beautiful ride and the weather was perfect! It took about 40 minutes to get to City O' City a vegetarian restaurant we keep hearing about that serves lots of gluten free options as well. It was a great little place.

Half coffee shop + half bar (that serves several gluten free beers)= My kind of place!

Then we biked around downtown for a little, got some iced coffee and right before we headed home Hunter surprised me by stopping at Mermaids Bakery. It is very very cute and inspired me :) We planned to take the light rail back but didn't have cash... So I think the total was around 18 miles today!

I came home with extremely tired legs, a SORE bum & blisters on my hands, but also very refreshed and content. It felt like we took a mini Denver vacation and it was exactly what I needed! Days like yesterday remind me why I'm so sure Hunter & I will not just survive marriage until death does us part. We have so much fun together (and honestly he still loves to spoil the crap out of me so that helps :) He is such a blessing and I'm so thankful for him. Just sayin...


  1. you are a very blessed woman. he is the greatest.

  2. I love biking so much! We went on a long one yesterday, and my body is sore! Sheesh! Let's make a plan to do ride to each others place! Maybe tomorrow? Hey, what do you wanna bake/cook?


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