Sunday, June 13, 2010

A new spray painting craft :)

I thought I would share a fun before/after of yet another craft today.

Here is the before picture that is the sad situation of Milo's food and water dishes-constantly spilled all over. (I considered making it black and white and giving it bad posture in true "before pic" style).

I came across this lovely country Christmas serving tray while perusing my favorite ARC down the road. Kind of reminds me of Kandy Grimes decor circa 1988? I almost hated to paint over it...almost.

What a lovely dining spot for a lovely puppy!

On a totally unrelated note: check out this fabulous fruit bowl centerpieces mom, Jana, Aunt Lisa and I created for my cousin Shanity's wedding.


  1. You are too funny Ash. We totally loved that country stuff. Sheesh! The fruit bowls look so pretty!!! And Milo is adorable!!!!!

  2. Awesome post! I love your pup's dining area! I admired it the last time I was over! I also loovve those watermelon bowls! So pretty! :) Your crafting never stops amazing me!


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