Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day

Last Monday was Memorial Day and my first official day of summer. It truly did a lot for my attitude and has helped me survive the past week at my desk :)

First the girls got together at 7:30am for some coffee and garage "sailing". We had a rough start...Seriously clean up your old signs folks-Huge Sale TODAY is extremely misleading. No worries we just headed to the Goodwill for some 50% fun. That's where I found the chair. I'll post more pictures once it's fixed up but let's just say I'm smitten. It's green leather and it started out at $15 but has a broken leg. Since it was half off day I got pumped about a $7.50 chair...but it gets better. She marked it down AGAIN and I paid $3.25!!! What?! SO excited :) We finally found a sweet yard sale where Bekah got an amazing bike and Blaze found a blackboard:

Next we headed back to the pool for some food, margs and SUN! Such an amazing summer day with awesome friends. Apples to Apples was fun, of course, and what better ending than good old Mexican food (& yes more margs). My favorite pictures of the day:


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  1. Awesome indeed! My post's up now! Hooray for Monday!


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