Friday, February 4, 2011

Fake Snow Day

Not fake snow. But only a half day of being stuck inside due to terrible roads... and let's be honest, a terrible car. Plus we were already off of work so it doesn't really count as a "snow day". Still fun though :)

I got my new purse in the mail today! Woo!

It's a Hot Mama Handbag. Please check her out. It is the cutest bag in the world. (That's for Hunter. He loves it when I use huge, definitive, dramatic statements based on my current emotions.) But honestly, it is :)

Also, I thought you probably wanted more than one shot of me being a dorky, super-excited model. So here you go.

Also a nice shot of the sweet snow and my baby bump my bump, my lovely baby bump. Anyway...

How about some eye candy? Here's my love being a model himself. LOVE him!

And some more. Because he's just so so cute. I can't hardly stand it. It's been too cold for him to do his business outside. He limps pathetically because his paws are so cold. So we created him this wonderful outfit to solve his woes. Oh your welcome Milo. That's a look of gratitude, not humilitation right?

* When I posted this I forgot to mention that the purse is from my mom. A late Christmas treat. Thanks mama!


  1. I LOVE YOUR BABY BUMP! you're such a cute prego...jealous! i also love the rubber bands around your dog's feet to keep the socks on. so trashy and yet ingenious. i'm totally stealing that idea. no joke.

  2. I just LOL singing along with your "my bump" song... :)

  3. Milo is cracking me up right about now. All you needed to do was put him in the bike carrier and he would have been happy as a clam. Ps the bump is looking too cute!


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