Thursday, March 3, 2011


That's me this month. Between moving, traveling, sickness and this bigger-by-the-day belly I've definitely been Out Of Commission. Bleh! Not to mention I have a new bedtime of 9 pm and we don't have internet at our new house yet. How's a girl supposed to blog?!

And when was anyone going to tell me that this kid was going to suck EVERY drop of energy I so happily boasted a few short weeks ago? I wasn't kidding about the 9 pm bedtime... Ask my poor (unrealistically amazing) husband. He's been unpacking/moving into our new house all alone while I go straight from work to bed! What a good man I have <3

So I still don't have much to post about (but hopefully a few good "befor/after" pics of the tiny little kitchen soon...) Paint party tomorrow! I just wanted to pop in, say hi and share my newest inspiration for baby girl's room.

I found it at and I'm in love! Still sticking with the aqua walls & some black and white but softer accent colors and a little less gender neutral :)

Hopefully I'll be back soon with updates from my wonderful KC trip and house pictures!!


  1. Where's the pic of your "bigger by the day belly" I soo badly wanna see :)

  2. Did you get my text last night?! I sent you a pic!!

  3. dude, i forgot how tired i was with george...and now that i'm prego again my bedtime is 9pm too!! and i agree with kim. you need to post pictures of your belly. it's like you're sinning if you don't.


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