Thursday, March 24, 2011

Husband of the Year

And the Husband of the Year award goes to..........

Mine of course. I know, you're shocked right? I just wanted to take a quick moment to brag him up.

#1 Hunter got a new job!!!!!! Woo! This one is a big Praise Jesus too by the way :) We have been praying for awhile about a new job for him so that I don't have to go back to working after this sweet bundle of joy arrives. But we also want him to be able to continue going to school to be the best science teacher EVER. So there ya have it. US Bank strongly encouraged him to "continue continuing his education as he works for them as a stud muffin Personal Banker". (Ok just kidding on the quotes I probably did a little paraphrasing but that's definitely the idea.) I'm just super excited and proud of him! <3

#2 He bought us a new car!!!! Well a new to us car... which compared to this lovely we've been sporting for the past 3 years may as well be a cadillac. Or, you know, whatever really sweet cars you're into. We reconfirmed through this process that not only am I completely uninterested and unimpressed by cars, I know basically nothing about them. Not even which ones are cool really. The only ones I ever notice are VW vans, which I'm completely obsessed with. See what I mean? Luckily I married the Husband of the Year who research, scanned for months, practiced bargaining (he's not a fan), and found us the perfect car right exactly within our budget. It's even paid for up front. Another reason I love him... I am neither patient or disciplined enough to save up that much on my own.

#3 He's just really fun & oh so sweet. He makes up songs on his dobro and plays for his baby girl while I dance around like a crazy to try and wake her up so he can feel her kick :) He also points out every budding tree while we cruise around town in our sexy new ride, because it's spring and budding trees are lovely but mostly just because he knows how happy it makes me when I see them! He also daydreams with me for hours about our new daughter... and the possibility of a new puppy. (I know, probably not the best time but does anyone know HOW cute a baby french bulldog is? Plus Milo probably needs a buddy since mostly all of our love and affection will be directed at our new daughter.) Anyway, it's just daydreaming for now. I think I've mentioned before that Hunter tends to be more reasonable than me and is probably just indulging me. Then again he really loves puppies. We'll see what happens.

Ok that was a long Ode to Hunter. It's ok if no one else read it all. I'm just feeling really extra in love today (& extra emotional always) and wanted to go on and on. And what are blogs for huh?

Oh by the way we went in for the 28 week checkup yesterday and baby girl Greeno is doing great! She's the right size, has a healthy heartbeat and a beautiful little nose. She didn't let us see much of her face, but we already know she's beautiful, so no biggie. Can't wait to meet her!

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  1. I agree. Hunter is dreamy and a stud. So glad he got the job! Hope to see you guys soon. -Zach


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