Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye weekend, hello date night.

With Hunter's new job starting Monday (woo!) we will have to adjust to no shared weekends for awhile. For the past year we've both had to work real weekends but we got to hang out on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Now Hunter will enjoy real weekends without me for about 2 1/2 more months!

So yesterday we celebrated our last Wednesday together. First lunch... and ice cream of course :)

Then we did some shopping. On the way we spotted the Oscar Meyer weiner mobile... which I totally missed when I tried to take a picture.

Ha! Good thing I got a perfect shot of the red truck right in front of it!

My sweet sweet brother got me a gift card to use for new maternity clothes so we shopped for a cute date night dress. (PS All my brothers are sweet but this time I was talking about Tyler.) I was really touched by his thoughtfulness. I can't get excited about spending money on clothes I can only wear for about 2 months but it was so great to get to pick out something I can feel really pretty in! Thanks again Ty :)

By the way, strangers are great when you're pregnant! Every time I came out of the dressing room in a new dress all the people waiting in line (and even the girls folding the clothes) had all kinds of sweet comments... Even if the dress was super ugly and looked like I was wearing a big tent. So funny.

Next up Gap. Hunter had a gift card from Christmas and really needed jeans. As luck would have it, Cherry Creek mall also has a Baby Gap attached. This was a little piece of our convo...

A: Let's just go look for ONE minute.
H: Ok fine ONE minute.
A: Ah! Look, a baby bikini! With ruffles!
H: Really Ash? When does she need a bikini? Don't you hide babies from the sun?
A: Yeah but just look at it, you'll die!
H: Yeah... that's pretty cute :)

Dad decided on the more modest but equally as precious sundress instead. I LOVE this!

Finally we ended the evening with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory thanks to another Christmas gift card. Here's Hunter posing with his fish and chips.

My Asian Salad masterpiece.

And finally the fabulous Kahlua cheesecake! Thousands of unreasonable calories... but delicious.

Best date day ever. We made a pact to keep having hot date nights when baby girl gets here :)


    Both new dresses. What a perfectly sweet thing for Ty to do. I am so proud of him for that.

  2. Darling dresses for you AND girlie baby..but what about Dads JEANS?? Sorry Hunter..get no longer matter! LOL Dinner ideas? Im at a total loss outside of these really awesome Chicken Enchiladas I made TOO easy, with this incredible sauce base you can buy in a tub! Boil chicken& destroy it to shreds, add the tub of this sauce stuff with whatever else you want* we did black beans, onions(may not be a good idea for you)cheeses, rice, that dip stuff your Mom makes with the corn and cilantro worked PERFECT as a mix in* toss it in the biggest tortilla shell you can find, in the oven long enough to melt it all together, top it with lettuce, cheese, olives..well you know, whatever, then HAVE AT IT! Amazing leftovers too:) Hope that helps :P

  3. shit... .guess you need the name of the sauce huh...Its called Philadelphia Cooking Creme. I got the Sante Fe flavor but there are others. :) Ok NOW you can eat.


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