Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some progress.

So our house is a giant work in progress at the moment but I'm very excited about the parts that are done so far :)

Here is a nice shot of our bedroom right before we moved in. Ah! This was on the top of my emergency projects list. I mean how can we get any sleep in there? SO not restful! (A long way from these dreams.)

Sweet Hunter primed it for me (the primer is definitely toxic and not recommended for preggos). And here is a lovely shot of our closet and the primed red walls. Just keepin' it real. I honestly don't know how we lived like this for as long as we did.

Now a little taste of "after" for ya. It still has a ways to go but I LOVE the paint color. It's a little less bright in real life. Very deep and relaxing. It's nice and beachy with the green and grey too. Our own little California :) I'll update again when the pictures are hung and the new bedding is purchased!

And here is a preview of the living room as well.

Can we just take a minute to talk about that peach/cream sponge paint? I mean it took me straight back to my late 80s childhood when my mom and Jana's houses were both nice and peachy/dusty blue with goose wallpaper. I mean honestly, can I get some hanging wooden hearts? I'm almost finished painting but the room as a whole still has a ways to go. Here is a teaser with the color.

It's all grey now and just patiently awaiting a 2nd coat/touch ups. There is a fabulous window seat area that's begging for a bench like this one. It kind of needs to be custom made to fit perfectly though... Anyone interested in building this for me? My husband is a lot of wonderful things but a carpenter he is not.

So that's the big stuff. I'll have pictures of the finished kitchen cabinets SOON! They just need to be tightened (yeah power drill!) and touched up on the edges. I did score a $35 pantry cabinet that is perfect though! I think I'm falling in love with my teeny tiny little kitchen :)

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