Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How do you mend a broken heart?

And by heart I actually mean a SUPER cute new kitchen light.

So this is the original kitchen light. Blah right?

I wasn't exactly in the market for a new one or anything. I've got plenty of projects going on currently and my craigslist search list has already reached a max. But then I found this beauty last Saturday at the ARC.

Lovely isn't she? And marked at only $3... plus it was a Saturday so EVERYTHING was half off. That's right, I snagged her for $1.50! I can hardly walk away from anything milk glass (it may or may not be turning into a small problem, depending on whoe you talk to) but something so cool AND cheap!? Amazing!

So I brought her home, painted the connecting rim to match the aqua, and stepped back to admire my handiwork... Despite several warnings from Hunter that it wasn't sturdy and I shouldn't leave it without reinforcing.

And then I learned my lesson the hard way.

Such a sad sad story. I'm sorry to be a downer, but I at least wanted to share a picture of the fabulous potential. I'm still grieving and sharing has given me some closure. I mean, I couldn't even cuss (the baby is listening)! I did, however, shed a few tears. We'll chalk those up to pregnancy hormones not the fact that I was weirdly in love with this light. I'll leave you with a shot of the old light with the new paint. Still an improvement I suppose.

I'll try to be back soon with something more uplifting. Friday is paint the cabinets white day! The landlord approved. Hurray!!



    For some reason I thought of this song when I saw your pics.

  2. Awww! I'm sorry about your cute light! :( But the original is still retro and cute! :) xoxo!

  3. You poor thing!! This is something that totally would happen to me so I feel you on this one. Maybe this just means you will find something even mortgage fabulous in the near future. I think so!


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