Saturday, April 2, 2011


We are in a serious serious dinner rut. I've been dedicating a lot of my spare time and energy to house projects... and Pop Chips. Just kidding they don't take up that much time. But they are extremely delicious and sometimes I'm just tempted to eat the whole bag for dinner so I don't have to cook tacos... again. Seriously try these. They're so dang amazing.*

Back to the problem at hand. I need some new, but still pretty quick and easy recipes. Any suggestions? My favorite cookbook is the compilation my mom put together for my wedding. It's just time to update it! So post away. I need your dinner inspirations!

Thanks a million <3

*Pop Chips did not pay me to write this review. I'm just pregnant and really hungry. :)


  1. This is my FAVORITE cooking blog: http://www/
    It has a lot of gluten free recipes! I've made about half of her stuff, and they have become staples in the Bratcher Home! P.S. She was just married, and her hubby takes the photos for her blog. Cute or what?!

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  3. I have a super easy one I just made last week. It involves pasta, so I'm hoping you have a place to get gluten free pasta, otherwise maybe it could even work without the pasta? Anyways, here it is.

    The ingredients are rotini pasta, can of tomatoes (or dice up your own), Philadelphia Garlic Cooking Creme, and basil.

    Boil and drain pasta. Cut up 2-3 chicken breasts into piece and cook. When the chicken is finished, add tomatoes, pasta, and cooking creme, then add basil to taste. It was pretty good for being so easy!

  4. Try - she's also preggo and makes some amazingly simple and healthy recipes. I went to college with her and she's a great inspiration.


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