Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Kitchen!!

Remember the first kitchen post I did awhile ago? Well the real after pictures are finally ready!! Bekah came over again and painted cabinets with me... and then about 2 weeks later I finally finished hanging them and touching up the paint. So without further ado... Here's the sweet craigslist cabinet I told you about. It makes SO much difference having the extra cabinet space!

There you have it. Still pretty small but I love it so much more! The white makes it feel much fresher and I think eventually I would like to figure out a cheap way to do the counters darker to break up all the white a little bit. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!


  1. Ash! I am obviously way behind in your news but so fun you are having a girl! Adam and I decided to wait and let ours be a surprise :) I can't beleive you are due so soon! You're in the home strech!

  2. Stencils are always fun :) have you looked at
    great and clever ideas there :)

  3. Looks great. Love the white cabinets.

  4. Hey Ashley! I love your kitchen. The colors are fresh and bright. There are kits at Home Depot to make over your cabinets. I don't remember how much they cost but my best friend did it to hers and they look great. It's just paint and the instructions tell you how to make it look marbled.
    Good Luck!!!


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