Friday, December 9, 2011

Field trip Friday {parade of lights}

Last Friday night (12.2.11) we ventured downtown in the snow and cold for the Parade of Lights! Hunter got grand stand tickets for free at work so we got to sit in the bleachers right at the start of the parade. So fun! I've never had actual seats to a parade and the news anchor was only a few seats away. We definitely felt VIP :)

(Oh, and Lily came because this is what she looks like when we try and give her a bottle... so we can't leave her with anyone for longer than about 3 hours.)

Dang it, we really dropped the ball on the bottle thing. I swore my baby would get used to a bottle so that Hunter and I could always have enough alone time... but we gave her one a couple time when she was brand new and she didn't even bat an eye so I thought we were good to go... turns out she forgot. Also turns out she's real picky and perhaps even a bit stubborn. But that's neither here not there.

Look how sleepy she is. This is right before the parade started and she fell asleep all snuggle up to daddy :) What a cutie.

Our attempt at a family photo. Dang, it was cold.

Or seats were right in front of the City and County building and we got to go inside to warm up and eat free cookies whenever we wanted. See, VIP. Here is what it looked like when we got there.

And this is it after the official lighting that kicked off the parade. So pretty!

This is the CSU drumline. I just always take pictures of the drummers because they remind me of Travi :) Again, Lil just slept right on through.

Even though it was stinkin' cold, and we had to keep our baby out way past bedtime like bad parents, we had such a fun (and much needed) date night! (Don't worry, Lily forgave us and only cried a little on the way home.) We're even getting somewhat of a nap schedule figure out. It's a Christmas miracle!


  1. looks like a wonderful evening and the building is so pretty all lit up! :)

  2. You guys are so dang cute! Looks like a super fun night! I love to see Hunter so happy with his girls! :)


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