Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BV Part I

My brother Tyler is working as a white water raft guide this summer in Buena Vista, CO so we've taken 2 mini stay-cations to visit him, bask in the beautiful mountains (while they're sunny & hike-able...NOT snow covered), "camp" and just get away. Both trips have been absolutely fabulous & I think it's about time I share some pics!

Part I was the very first Bartelson/Greeno family vacation back in June. Bekah & John are some of our very best friends & since our Mexican dream vacation that we had been planning since the October blizzard suddenly became unrealistic (it's expensive to fly to Mexico for an all inclusive beach dream vacation...who knew?) we decided to go camping :)

The first day we arrived in BV we hopped right on a raft and Ty took us down Brown's Canyon. Here's Hunter looking good in all his gear.

Dana also joined us for the weekend. It was so fun getting to know her! Such a fun girl, plus she brought some great ideas to the table...jogging photography anyone? :) Here's a group pic before pushing off.

Apparently they are having problems with people picking up pets on the rivier. Don't do it.

Our guide himself... In all his viking glory!

Such a fun fun day! Thanks Ty :)

So much more to come but my coffee's cold, the dog is getting heavy & I have to go vacuum before baby Matthew gets here. We're babysitting today! Woo :)

To be continued...

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