Friday, July 23, 2010

Craigslist will be the death of me

...or probably just get me fired more realistically.

Honestly, who can expect me to work with only 4 short days until vacation and these amazing dressers to look at?

The second one is absolutely perfect and the first one is only $30! Also I need this bedframe.

That's right. I can not live another day without it.

And finally I have decided to reveal to you my dream house. Hunter would argue that I use the phrase "my dream house" a bit too liberally so I'll admit that this is not the first dream house but I've been drooling over this one for a good 3 or so months now...a LONG time. It's got everything I'm looking for:

Located in the historic Baker district: check
Wood floors: check
Fireplace: check
Old house character but not a fixer upper (my love is many wonderful things, but a handy man he's not): check
Swirly open staircase: check (that wasn't even on the original list, but come on!)
Exposed brick: check
Gorgous backyard: check

So without further ado...

and look at all the pictures here: 3rdavenuebaker

*Donations will be gladly & unshamefully accepted because I can talk my sweet husband into almost anything...but not the down payment on a $310,000 house. Huh.


  1. Hey Ash! I love that house. Perfect combo of character and contemporary. I have always wanted a house with exposed brick inside. It looks like the just dropped the price to 290,000.

  2. I too am cruelly addicted to Craigs List! and I LOVE your house hunt. Lets hope the neighbors are nice cuz they are awfully close! :) Ever think about selling your goodies on Craigs List ??? Might get that down payment after all:)


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