Friday, July 29, 2011

A sad, sad story.

Late last Thursday night we were frantically finishing our packing for the upcoming trip to KC. As we desperately stuffed diapers, clothes, toiletries and whatnot into 4 carryon bags (we flew Frontier this time dang it- no free bags) the following convo occurred:

Hunter: Did you pack the camera?
Me: Of course. (Duh)
Hunter: Well where is the charger?
Me: (Beaming with pride because I never remember things like chargers) It's already packed!!

Ready for the tragic ending?

About 4 pictures and 5 minutes after arrival the camera died. So I triumphantly remove the charger to find that it's the VIDEO camera cord. Sad.

(Lily's first flight was great. She's a champ!)

Anyway. The weekend was great and a LOT of pictures were taken by everyone else :) Lily got to meet her other 2 uncles and MANY other friends and family! (Unfortunately Trey did not get back until after the camera pooped out so I will have to get those pics from someone.)

Trav also had a killer 70s themed birthday party that I can't wait to see pictures from! Now we're just still trying to adjust back to being home and Lil is remembering what it's like not to be held 24/7. Thanks a lot grandma and grandpa... She's not enjoying the transition!

It's good to be home though. Even if we did have chips and salsa for dinner last night. That's right. I'm competing for wife of the year. Our house also looks like a train wreck. Working moms, HOW do you do it? You have my complete respect and admiration! This girl alone is more than I can handle :)

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