Friday, July 29, 2011

Craft Time!!!

Lily napped in a BED instead of my sweaty arms today (sorry if that's gross but we're without a.c. and it's definitely sweaty when you're snuggling). Anyway, she laid down. Hurray! This left me with a dilemma: nap or craft?

You can sleep when you're dead. That's what I say. (I actually don't say that. I really like sleeping, but I also LOVE to craft and it just hasn't really been happening since the girl came along.

Technically, I only did a half craft because I started this one back when I was pregnant. I was inspired over here and decided to make my very own yarn wreath. Kinda weird because I usually think that wreaths are just for outside and mostly just for Christmas, but I really loved hers and I was really pregnant and so I just went for it!

(I know this one is dark but I wanted you to see how well it goes with the awesome curtains my AWESOME mama made me!)

By the way, I love Danielle's blog (not just her crafts) and she and her husband have just started the adoption process which makes me so excited! I really feel called to adopt someday and sometimes it is hard for me to wait for the right timing. Luckily, in the meantime, I can read all about other people's adopting adventures. She also sells her adorable wreaths and all the money she makes is for their adoption fund... So if you like mine, her's are even way cuter and you can buy them here.

OK I got to have a mini craft time AND time to blog about. I feel like there is a hungry baby in my immediate future. Love that girl!


  1. i love it! beautiful :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks cute! I'm loving the yellow/gray color combo!

  3. Cute Ash! I started a wreath like that this winter and never finished it. This is good motivation :) P.s. I live right down the street from Stellas! Let me know if you're ever up in the area!


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