Monday, April 19, 2010

ebay & earth day

Just bought a new cord for the camera...It's been missing probably since we got married and I just got a new one at for $4.49 in about 2.5 minutes (that includes signing up for a new account). Makes me wish I hadn't waited so dang long but such is life.
Just get excited for:

a) video of Milo's first bath
b) pics of our apartment- I'm pretty proud of it!
c) some of my most recent crafts-woo!

Also HAPPY EARTH WEEK! I have decided to take a one month "Pledge to be Veg" at! I've been considering it for awhile and I decided there's no better time than Earth Day to get started. I'm posting it here for the world/(all 9 followers) to see because I tend to need lots of accountability and encouragement to follow through w/ commitments. Anyway meat makes me pretty squeamish already and after reading all the facts about how much damage it does to the earth I decided I can go at least 30 days. Hunter has been learning alot about the effects of carvnivorism (think I made that word up but it's all good)in his Environmental Biology class too... Maybe I can talk him into doing a Mr. Greeno post!

What are you doing to celebrate? Planting/hugging trees? :) Recycling?

Thanks for reading!
<3 Ash

1 comment:

  1. Photo album! Nice idea! :) I will check out that website.

    Hooray for hanging out tonight! I'll bring a couple of recipe books! :)


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