Friday, April 16, 2010

The rest of the fam...

So it's been a week now since Milo moved in... and obviously he is top of the priority list around here. I mean we have a blog that's so far dedicated to him alone : ) So I thought maybe I'd do a little update on the rest of the household. We're not as cute...but we don't snore as bad either. I'll call it even! So Hunter recently went back to escuela to become a middle school science teacher. I'm so excited/ proud of him! He is now the Starbucks barista in our home while he does school full time. He started in January and should be done in 2.5 years. So far he loves it and can't wait to start teaching! I am leasing apartments at The Highline on Cherry Creek, a LUUUUUXURY apartment community in southeast Denver ;) It's pretty fun and my commute is killer (30 seconds). I am also working on some crafts and considering opening an online store at so get excited for that! How is everyone else? Post us an update and let me know if you blog so I can check yours out... I feel like I've been missing out. Blogs are so great!
<3 Ash>


  1. Ok I love this blog stuff! Im so nosy and this way you just tell me your business and I dont have to dig for it :)Stalking your FB profiles is exhausting! YAY! I wonder if I should start one too! LoL.........good luck Hunter by far the coolest Science teacher ever ! and Ash my commute is comparable:) I literally roll out of bed and get paid to hang out in my jammies..HA! So Im luvvin it for you guys! Milo ~ behave and dont poo on that luxury carpet! :)

  2. An Etsy store!! That sounds awesome!!! Oh I really wish we were close now. I would love to get together and craft. AAaarrrggghh.........Love you so much!!!

  3. Mom you are more than welcome to sell things on my etsy store! I can't wait to show you what I'm workin on right now! For now I really want to get more blog followers so that when I actually start the etsy store I will have people who will check it out :) I'm pretty pumped!!

  4. Ash! We miss you guys. Welcome to the blog community. It's fabulous... and addicting. Visit our's!
    Hope to see you guys soon!

  5. Hey Ashley! Sounds like you and Hunter are doing welling out it CO. I saw he goings back to school to become a teacher. He will love it! I am an avid blog reader. I have on for interior design, crafts, and anything else I started last summer.

    Check it out!


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