Friday, April 9, 2010

The Newest Greeno!

Hello friends and family! Welcome to our blog... It needs some work still but we have been talking about starting one for awhile and yesterday we found the perfect reason to! Please welcome the newest edition to our family...(drum roll please)... MILO BERNARD GREENO!! The sweetest little pug you've ever seen :) We are very proud parents! He's 4 years old, already potty trained and he will even sit...if you have food for him. He curls right up on our laps and gives us kisses already-we're in love! Check out the pics.
<3 Ashley & Hunter


  1. Yea Milo,

    You look like you ran into a wall!


    Grandpa Greeno

  2. oh he is so ugly he is adorable!!! Ha Ha. I don't prefer to be grandma yet though. Love you guys. Can't wait to meet Milo!

  3. ***scoops him up and squeezes him tight :)*** WE LUV MILO! ....thats a T-shirt logo if I ever heard one! Guys he is darling! Have fun!:)

  4. Nice pick guys!!! how are you? I miss you Ashley!!!!

  5. Ok mom he's not ugly...he's perfect! :) We're great Elizabeth! How are you?

  6. Yay Greenos! Blogs are awesome!! :) Hope you're having a nice night with Milo!

  7. Hi Ashley!

    Thank you dearly for your post on my blog. It's really exciting to see how much we both have in common! We have a pug as well! She's a year and half and the center of our world! Her name is Lucy and she's the inspiration for my blogger name. :) Pugs are amazing dogs! Enjoy him, he's darling!

    Your blog design is super cute, I will surely be back to visit!

    Take care!
    Lucy, Our Homemade Life


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