Friday, September 2, 2011

{Field Trip Friday} #1

Go Greeno

TGIFF (see what I did there?) Woo! I have really fun friends coming to visit this weekend and oh do we have field trips planned, but since I won't have pictures of those adventures until next week I'm posting about a fun little afternoon Hunter, Lily & I had a couple weeks ago. Golfing.

It makes me laugh because I don't golf. In fact I have the world's most awkward swing because I always played softball growing up so I swing it like a softball bat. Anway, Hunter likes it so we went to this little par 3 course at the park by our house.

Clearly we won the award for World's Cutest Caddy... and made Grandpa Brad VERY proud.

So what fun shenanigans have you been up to? I'm dying to know!


  1. hilarious!!

    dang. don't have the computer today-can't blog from my phone:(
    i am setting a reminder for next week though! xo

  2. Oh so cute! I love it. I have never played golf but my oldest does so I may have to learn. I'll try not to swing it like a bat ;)

  3. I like this Friday Field Trip idea.... now just to convince work that it's a good idea :)


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