Friday, September 23, 2011

{Field Trip Friday} #4 Canvas & Cocktails

Last Friday I got to go out with my beautiful sister-in-law while Hunter & Lily hung out at home. So fun!!


Have you heard of canvas and cocktails? It's wonderful! You get instructions so no painting experience is necessary... and it's amazing how "creative" 2 glasses of wine will make you when you haven't drank in almost a year :)


This was actually our Christmas present to Hayley... yeah that's how we roll. Luckily she's patient.


I highly recommend this place. It was such a great girls' night! AND I can check off #23 on my list because I'm hanging this baby up!

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  1. Fun Stuff...cute blog! New follow from the Feed Your Soul Art Giveaway post! POP ART MINIS


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