Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get you craft on: Leg warmers!

Baby leg warmers might just be the greatest craft.

The other day fall decided to make itself at home in Denver. It has been nice and cool (I would even say chilly today) and I realized Lily doesn't have any warm clothes. Sun dresses? Sure. Probably enough for 8 baby girls. But, no pants. So she wore her Baby Legs that my sweet friend Julie gave her. They are wonderful and we need more! But why buy leg warmers when you've got a perfectly good pair of scissors and some $3 socks from Target?

I just chopped the feet off of some $3 knee high socks and hemmed them up. (Actually Bekah and I both did while our husbands played war video games.) We whipped up three pairs of these babies in about half an hour. That's a good craft... quick. easy. cute.

Honestly, what's not to love? SO much easier than taking off pants every time you change a diaper too! Hurray leg warmers!


  1. What a GREAT idea. Serious. I never thing of things like that. That's why I love the internet.

  2. So cute and creative, so do boys wear leg warmers!? :)

  3. great idea! And they look so awesome!

  4. Erica, it's so true! I love getting new ideas... and pinning them to stay organized :) Jackie, I definitely made some for my friend's little boy!! Marina, I love how they look too! She'll be wearing them all the time :)

  5. Heeeeeeeeeeey, that's very clever!


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