Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Creative force of love.

"Satan's desire is to turn me in on myself to the extent that I become enslaved and become a destructive force in community. The thrust from Jesus Christ is the opposite- to enhance my freedom so that I can become a creative force of love. It is the spirit of self-centeredness & selfishness versus the spirit of openness & self-sacrifice for the good of others."
-Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I want to be a creative force of love. Anybody else? I'm not sure what it's going to look like but I've been feeling really called to do some lovin' with my creativity. I think I just use it selfishly so many times, which is so sad. I make beauty for myself to enjoy, or I try to figure out how to make money with it, or I think of the process as an escape or relaxation. Not that these are bad things.

But it shouldn't stop there. Hunter and I have been talking a lot lately about finances and what it looks like to truly set aside our pride and trust God to provide for us. I've been struggling since I quit my job because I feel this need to help provide income and I get so caught up in it sometimes that I'm stressed which leads to me not being the best mom to Lily Belle. THAT IS LAME.

That is also why I think I'm feeling such a strong desire to give. I want to be truly generous with the blessings God is giving us. That doesn't mean that as soon as God starts providing us with ___ amount of money we will start donating a tiny portion of it. Unfortunately that's how I tend to think of it. It means that we have a comfortable place to sleep at night, clothing, way to many shoes, an amazing support system, a steady income, health insurance and so much more. It means that if God wants us to own a little house for our children to grow up in, he will provide a way and I don't need to lose any more sleep about it.

It means that I don't have a ton of money to spare but I have got to stop being so dang self-centered. I need to be giving my creativity & my love freely.

If any of you other creative lovers are feeling a similar desire please get in touch with me! Let's be one in heart and mind...let's share everything we have {Acts 4:32}.

"Free is not your right to choose,
It's answering what's asked of you
To give the love you find until it's gone."
-The Avett Brothers


  1. wow i love everything about this post! amen girl! and i love your blog ... i'm your newest follower coming from call me blessed!

  2. loooove your words. This is such a timely post :) thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies! I'm so glad someone else is feeling the same way. This has been on my heart so much lately!

  4. BAM! love this, ashley. amen.
    and anyone who quotes bonhoeffer is legit, in my book;)

    thanks so much for sharing! xo

  5. I love Dietrick Bonhoeffer! Do you read Thomas Merton or Henri Nouwen too? Thanks for the post!

  6. Gina, not yet but I guess I will have to now :) Any good suggestions to start out with?


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