Friday, September 16, 2011

{Field Trip Friday} #3: Airplane Park

Last week was the most beautiful Field Trip Friday!!! The weather could not have been more perfect for an afternoon in the park with Auntie Hayley :)


We got to sit in the shade and talk, go on a walk and take LOTS of Lily pictures (luckily Hayley has a great camera and is a WAY better photographer than yours truly)! I love these so much!

I asked her to take these when Lily fell asleep on our walk and they are so precious to me. She falls asleep like this several times a day and every time I stare at her and wish I could capture the moment. No, my baby can't self soothe yet. And yes, that means I could be getting more sleep/ more done if she did. But she loves to snuggle in here mama's arms and I know that won't last forever. So I sing and sway and walk around the (messy) house and stare at this perfect face. Sometimes I tear up. What of it? :)

Thanks for the amazing pictures Hayley! I can guarantee someday I will be sad that my little baby is all grown up and I'll look at these pictures and thank you again... Then I'll make her snuggle with me. Even if she's 15 and hates my guts. I'll tell her she has to snuggle or she can't go out. That will go over well I'm sure :)

Field Trip Friday is the greatest! Who else did something wonderful/ has fun plans?!

Go Greeno

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  1. I CHERISH the times Snow falls asleep in my arms and I get to just stare at her precious, peaceful face and feel her warm body so relaxed against me. Being a mommy is absolutely the most special thing in all the world. Love the pics of Lilly!


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