Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whoa. It's FALL?!

Yesterday morning I sat here sipping my hot coffee and eating oatmeal with cinnamon in jeans and a sweater while I played with my THREE MONTH old. What?! It's fall?

It's crazy to me that summer is gone, but I'm actually more excited than normal. Summer is my very favorite and I usually go through a semi-depressed funk this time of year. Yep, a funk. Not because fall in Colorado isn't gorgeous, just because it's short and it means cold is coming. Plus fall is the greatest time to live in Missouri so I get really homesick. (Are you reading this mom? I know that made you smile... and cry :) I love you!)

Anyway this year it's different. I didn't have a tan all summer because I spent way too much time in our air conditioner deprived home either being huge and miserable or taking care of a wee little baby. So this cool breeze and the ability to turn the oven back on and bake again is pretty comforting.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll put on a hoodie and have another pumpkin spice muffin and a cup of coffee. Have a happy Thursday!

PS-> Sugar Mama got some press!! So exciting! (VegNews)


  1. happy thursday to you! denver and fall so far is pretty great. the crock pot meals have added to the greatness...BBQ chicken was yum-o, Have you had any of yours yet? we must make another date...

  2. Send one of those cupcakes my way!!! :0)
    I love the fall. :0) I miss my mommy too!

  3. Yum, pumpkin spice muffins sound great! I think I may have to go make some chai... that's the closest thing I've got right now.


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