Monday, November 14, 2011

Toaster's Transformations

I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas Bazaar. I am so inspired by all of these lovely shops. Today I have another shop owner to introduce you to. Amanda from Toaster's Transformations. Amanda is a sweet mama-to-be who makes the cutest flowers and pretties from UPCYLCED fabric... Go GREEN(O) girl. I love it!

Hello there Go Greeno Readers! My name is Amanda, but when I got to college I received the nickname Toaster. I hated it at first and fought it with my very being however, it stuck. Then I learned to embrace it. And that's why my Etsy Shop is Toaster's Transformations.

I'm a 25 year old disciple of Jesus, wife, and soon to be momma. (Is it January yet? Can't wait to snuggle our little one.) I opened up my shop Toaster's Transformations in June and it's been quite the adventure! My inspiration comes often from the thrift store. Yup, the thrift store. I love going to Salvation Army and looking at all the beautiful sweaters just waiting to be turned into new items!
I'm also inspired by God's creation. He is the best artist EVER. I love all of the colors he's created and my plumeria line is inspired by those beautiful tropical flowers. And that's part of how my shop got it's name Toaster (because that's me) and Transformations because I love to transform old things and make them new again!


  1. what a fun little shop! :) i'm loving the christmas bazaar! :)

  2. I know! Aren't those sweater bags the cutest? I'm loving it to! Glad you're enjoying it :)


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