Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lovely Little Whimsy (+ a DIY)

Ok first of all the market was amazing! I had such a fun time and I even checked a Christmas present off my list... what's up ORGANIZATION! I know it's probably not that crazy for anyone else, but for me having a Christmas present wrapped and ready to go in the first week of November is an accomplishment.

I also found a sweet little headband for Lil that I couldn't live without.(Surprise!)

Speaking of sweet little headbands... I've got about 4 Lovely Little Whimsys favorited on etsy, I just haven't decided which one we need yet :) Remember my friend Carina? Well, her little shop is the sweetest thing you've seen. Luckily they are adopting a baby girl because her boys are as precious as it gets but her baby girl accessories are fabulous!!!

Um, yes please. Anyway, I'll let Carina tell you a bit more about herself before you get to shopping.

Hello, I'm Carina!
I spend my days loving the three little men in my life, my husband, and all things creative.

I watch too much Real Housewives, have a slight disdain for laundry, and love being in the kitchen.
I am newly in love with thrifting, try to sneak in quiet moments for crafting, and spend way too much time daydreaming about redecorating. I started my shop, lovely little whimsy, to help bring in a little extra cash for our next baby - we're in the process of adopting a baby girl!

My blog, a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut, chronicles daily life, faith, adoption, and pretty things.
My hope is that in all things, I will show how grateful I am for all the goodness in our lives.

Since my challenge this year is to buy handmade OR MAKE my gifts I asked Carina to share an awesome DIY post too! Check out her post on doily stenciling and a cheap/beautiful wreath idea! Really cute gift idea... or really cute for your living room. You decide :)


  1. So happy the market was a success for you!! And congrats on the first Christmas gift. Now you've got me all nervous:-)

  2. Thanks!! Don't be nervous haha I usually don't start until well into December... Now I'm actually nervous I'll lose the gift and have to buy a new one ;)


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