Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jilicious Charms

Happy Saturday!! Today I'm featuring Janina. My aunt introduced me to her cute little accessory shop Jillicious Charms and she is just as sweet as can be! I'll let her tell you a little more about herself, her fam and her biz!

I've always loved accessories (hair clips, earrings, rings.. and the list goes on..) Before my baby, I could afford to splurge on that stuff, having a full time job and all that..
I really believe that being a mom is "life changing" literally. My views in life have changed in a good way. It's all about my Jilliene now. She is my world. I decided to be a full time mom since we just moved to Hawaii (hubby got stationed here).

I just can't entrust my newborn to anybody, she was 6 weeks back then, even though my in laws are here they have full time jobs. Being a person who is independent and used to working my butt off (I used to be a nursing aide), IT WAS A HUGE adjustment for me having to stay home.. I am so torn. Part of me wants that income, but I have a baby to take care of. Finally, I went online and found a work at home job (with Ashley's wonderful aunt... love her!!). Oh boy, time flies and my baby turned 1 last September. I just feel that maybe somehow I can do something that I really have passion for... and that's when I decided to open my shop at etsy. I've never felt this accomplished. I am loving each and every day that I get to pick up my glue gun and make some clips and accessories.

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page for a chance to win several giveways for the holidays and you can score coupon codes too!! yay!!

The Nov contest will be for 2 decoden containers that i have personally made (so there will be 2 winners! yey!).I'll be announcing winners on Dec 1st. Then those who have already entered will automatically be entered for a December giveaway.=)

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