Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blaze Bratcher

So... what do you all think of the shops? Have you had a chance to browse the Christmas Bazaar yet!? If not hop on over to the left side bar and check it out!

But first I was you to meet a friend of mind. I met Blaze when she and her brand new hubby moved to Denver. They started coming to our church and I got to know this sweet girl. She is so much fun to hang out with, an awesome encourager and an extremely talented artist. Blaze & Jameson moved back to Seattle this summer but I LOVE following along with their lives on her lovely blog. I'm so excited to share her artwork with you! Here is a little more about Blaze and her newest pieces:

I graduated from Seattle Pacific University with an Illustration degree and decided early on that I
wanted to jump in with both feet! I have an amazing supportive husband, and he wants me to paint to
my heart's content! I love helping our family financially with my artwork, and look forward to illustrating
children's books, stationary, calendars, and all the other ideas I have budding inside. :)
When I was brainstorming for this year's calendar, I felt strongly called to do something a little different than
last year. After speaking with a good friend about teaching young children the scriptures(Heather H!), I was
convicted to create something more substantial than my normal pieces. I decided to share my favorite Bible
verses and bring truth and blessing into peoples homes. Last year I was fortunate enough to see my 2011
calendar in many of my friend's homes, so it was easy to imagine a monthly verse hanging from their fridges
and walls!
It is my hope to keep my online store filled with new verses, and paint personal favorite verses for new and
old friends. I felt immensely blessed and at peace while creating these newest peaces, and I hope it comes
through my work. Jesus has truly made my life worth living, and my joy comes from Him!

Go on, check out her amazing blog and shop! Thanks so much Blaze. Love you girl :)

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  1. Ooooooh, I love the name Blaze! So pretty!
    I'm checking out the shop now. :0)


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