Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving in Pratt, KS

I have this problem. Sometimes when I'm having a really great time (and usually at special occasions) I just completely forget to take out my camera at all. Which is because I'm totally enjoying the moment and that's awesome. But then I'm always sad later because I don't have any pictures. Thanksgiving was no exception. I did get a few shots of Lil with some of her main men :)

Snuggling with daddy.

Admiring the Christmas lights at Lemon Park with Uncle Travis.

Kicking off the Christmas Light walk with Uncle Trey.

I'm pretty sure Uncle Tyler may have been trying to get her to nap with him in this one... Looks like she's winning :)

The last one is Hunter and I enjoying the walk together while my brothers wore the baby! It was really sweet... until we were joined by 3 cut little cousins who needed to "share" the blanket! haha So fun! I don't have any road trip pictures either but we made the 7 1/2 hour trip with Tyler and Beth (and Lily did great!) Happy first Grimes Thanksgiving Lily and Beth!!!!

PS I have a winner! Email me Beth! You lucky dance queen :)


  1. Wow, that cutie sure has a lot of love around her!!! Looks like a great time, even without the pics galore. Sometimes, you don't get to enjoy the moments if you're trying to capture those moments behind the camera. Memories are what lasts!!!

  2. so sweet. glad your holiday was nice!

  3. You were about half an hour from my house! So crazy! Of course, I was in Omaha at the time, but still. I know what you mean about picture taking, it's just not what I think about and I too get sad I don't have pictures to remember things by. But then I remember that my parents didn't really take many pictures either, but the few we have are so fun to look at. So really, I think a few good pictures are more than enough :)


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