Thursday, November 17, 2011

Field Trip Friday:The ZOO

Hunter has been working, and studying, and leading the worship at church, and going to night class, and going to early morning class before work... I just haven't seen a whole lot of him lately that's all. So last weekend when he had Friday off we were all over it! Our day start off with some sleeping in and snuggling- my FAVORITE :)

This picture is our lucky moment shot: 11.11.11 @ 11:11 Lily was getting a new diaper. It's a glamorous life we live.

Next up, lunch at Las Delicias our very favorite Mexican restaurant. So so good. So so cheap. Good as it gets. You like that action shot of Hunter munchin' on some amazing chips? :)

Now for the main attraction: the zoo! I can't even tell you the last time I went to the zoo. For some reason having a baby made us feel like we should go to the zoo... even though she's really not old enough to enjoy it at all. Look how excited we are... and how Lily is not nearly as thrilled. ha!

These next two are nice and awkward... Enjoy!

Our favorite part was definitely the BIG FISH. For some reason it really gave Hunter and I the giggles comparing Lily to the giant fish. She even put on a little show for us.

Clearly no perfect day is complete without froyo. I loooooooove Pinkberry. But to make it even better, they now have peppermint for the holidays! YUM!

11.11.11= best day ever. I <3 Field Trip Friday!

Aisle to Aloha


  1. What cute awkward pictures at the zoo! I love the juxtaposition of her "eh" with y'alls excitement in that first one! So fun! Oh, and Pinkberry is heaven in the form of a FroYo shop! We love it so, so much!

  2. Your daughter is adorable! The pictures you took comparing her to the giant fish are hilarious. I especially love the last one. :)

    Friday field trips are the best!

    Stopping by from It's The Little Things linkup!


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