Friday, November 4, 2011

Mompreneur Market

Last year I did this way cool Mompreneur Market. I was contacted by the coordinator and asked to bring baked goods to sell at this elementary school fundraiser.

My sweet mama came into town (I made it through the whole weekend w/o even telling her I was pregnant) and she helped me bake and set up. She also brought the fabulous Sugar Mama signage!

We sold cookies, cupcakes and muffins and did a little shopping around. It was such a fun and beautiful day! I was asked to come back this year and I'm super excited! The market is tomorrow... and unfortunately it looks like we won't be having such a beautiful day. But not too worry. People need pumpkin muffins and banana bread more than ever when it's blizzarding right?

If you're in Denver I would LOVE for you to come visit me and University Park Elementary tomorrow. You can do a little holiday shopping (tons of cute handmade!) and support this sweet little school :) OK see you then!

Happy weekend!


  1. I hope lots and lots of sweets are sold! Good causes all around!

  2. Thanks! Me too :) I've got to get BUSY baking today!!

  3. I missed the announcement! CONGRATS LOVELY!!!!


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