Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sugar Mama's Christmas Bazaar


Remember how I said I want to be a better steward of our money by being more intentional and responsible with my spending? Well, step one went well. Sugar Mama just made a bulk order from Sweet Earth Chocolates that is 100% gluten free, vegan, organic AND fair trade!!

Ready for Step 2? Buy more handmade of course!! I do love handmade but I'm guilty of waiting to buy gifts until the last minute and then finding something quick & cheap at Target... VERY guilty. You might see a pattern forming here but again I just need to be more intentional.

So this Christmas I set a goal to either make or buy handmade for every single gift. And I'm encouraging you to do the same!! My friend Ashley asked me to be a part of her Holiday Craft Fair and I was inspired to create something similar here at go greeno.

Starting Novemeber 2nd and running through December 24 you can do all of your holiday shopping here! I will showcase my favorite shops so that they are just a click away. Easy as that :) So fun huh!?

PS: Do you have a shop that you think would be a good fit? I would love to have you join the fun! Email me:
{I'm linking up with Life Made Lovely because handmade crafty Christmas gifts are oh so lovely!!}


  1. What a great idea! I'm with you:)

  2. Love it! I would love to have your shop if you're interested :)

  3. Saw you at Sashes to Merchants and I liked you and your story right off the bat! So pleased to meet you and I'll be joining as a follower to keep up!

  4. Welcome! I'm so glad to have you :) Isn't Sashes wonderful?!

  5. Ashley to great to meet you, your family and your shop! I am a fellow Sashes Girl...sending you and email about your Christmas Bazaar. Love this post about being intentional. I need to do the same.


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