Friday, October 21, 2011

Field Trip Friday {Home}

We got to go home to PCMO last weekend!!!!!
Field trip indeed. We all needed it so bad.
Grandpa Brad hadn't seen this sweet girl since she was 4 weeks old... She's almost 4 months already! We've already made a pact not to go that long again.

My baby brother Travi (yep he still lets me call him Travi) ;) anyway he's a b.a. drummer on the drum line in the band. He's the section leader and it was so so fun watching him again this year as a senior. This picture is from the competition we watched. He's in the middle.

Here's a close up of Trav with Lil. What a couple of cuties :) Unfortunately this is pretty much all I got for pictures. I get so excited about hanging out I totally forget to take pictures sometimes. I have none with Gigi or Trey dang it.

I do, however, have another of Lily in her new pumpkin jammies Grandma got her. Gigi and Grandpa Brad were in a spoiling kind of mood... imagine that ;) I got a late birthday present: first facial of my life, pedicure with mama AND a crazy awesome massage from the pro herself.
ah.MAZING! Hunter got in lots of golf with dad and Trey!
Kandy Grimes you are my inspiration right now. Just wanted to let you know. The way you are making your dream business happen is beyond amazing. I'm so so proud of you for doing what you love and doing it so well!! I pray Sugar Mama can follow in your footsteps :)

How great is this shot my dad got of bathing beauty in the kitchen sink?! Man I am just so so thankful for amazing family. I am so blessed with two families now that are beyond incredible. Last weekend was so relaxing, life-giving, and just really wonderful. (Ty, only you could have made it better!)
life rearranged

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  1. oh - what sweet photos!! love the last one especially.


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