Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I just really love Halloween

I honestly just love a good excuse to dress up so Halloween, of course I love you! Unfortunately I was looking through my older posts and I haven't posted about a single Halloween costume so here we go with a flash back recap.

This first lovely photo is from 2006. Haha TMNT with some of my best buds. So fun :)

Halloween 2007 I dressed up with my friend Zach as Shrek & Donkey. Does anyone else LOVE Shrek? Cause I sure do. Plus I look goooood.

2009 our first Halloween married we were Fred & Wilma. Cute huh? This was one of my favorites... but I could only find a tiny phone picture. Bummer.

Halloween 2o10 I we were an IPOD commercial. He was the cutest IPOD you ever saw & I was this... You remember those commercials, yeah?

Last year my love and I were "game night". I was totally pregnant but no one knew yet so I took jello shot... of just jello and walked around all night with a fake margarita :) Don't you worry though I can bust a move 100% sober.

Can't wait to show you all this year's costume! It's a big ol' family affair.


{I'm also linked up at Jamie's cute blog. Go enter your own Halloween post!!}

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  1. I want to know you in real life! You're so fun! I love all the costumes!!! You need to link up at my Halloween Costume linky... I only have one linker upper so far! Mr. Linky is so sad! lol
    On another note, I am doing a guest post on YOUR cupcakes on another blog on Friday! Jamie at The Simple Things asked me to share about your yumminess because she has celiac disease.



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